NeuoPrex is developing magnetic stimulation devices (rTMS) for treating major depression and other neurological disorders. TMS is generally safer than other treatments such as deep brain stimulation, electroconvulsive therapy and drugs and shows high efficacy for severe and refractory hospitalized depression patients. Our NeuroPrex Classic&Shield technology makes rTMS feasible for home use as well as clinical use at an affordable price. The NPX-101 wheel-to-go model is a compact fully functional rTMS prototype with coils, shield, power-pulse generator, and pre-programmed relay control in a touch panel and has advanced high-frequency output with an auto-sensing feature for self-positioning. The Company has filed patent applications in the US, Europe, Japan, China and Taiwan. A recent USPTO response shows good indications of strong patent protection.

"With the help from TFG, I feel it is not a problem to go after goals beyond my capabilities" - CEO, Janice Huang

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Posted on June 23, 2015 .