Zeidman Technologies

Zeidman Technologies is a leading provider of hardware and software tools enabling developers to navigate the increasingly complex issues of building embedded systems for Internet of Things and other devices. Its signature SynthOS® tool automates the process of creating tailored, application-specific operating systems that these devices need to ensure that embedded systems run efficiently, effectively, and securely. The company was founded by Bob Zeidman, an industry-renowned expert in software and hardware design, and is headquartered in Cupertino, California.

The Internet of Things requires low cost, low power, secure devices to be developed quickly. Current methods and tools result in expensive hardware that uses too much power and has security issues. Companies also need to hire teams of experienced programmers to develop the software, which is expensive and results in long development times, potentially missing market windows. SynthOS, and the future products on our roadmap, solves these problems by automatically generating systems that are low cost, low power, and secure. SynthOS creates the software at the push of a button, significantly reducing development time and the need for a team of experienced programmers.

“We have a breakthrough technology that will change the way hardware and software are developed. We will initially focus on the Internet of Things but eventually move to other kinds of systems. We look forward to working with Tech Futures Group to introduce a disruptive new engineering technology to the world and to significantly change the way engineering is done.” Bob Zeidman, President, Zeidman Technologies

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Homepage: www.zeidman.biz

Posted on December 7, 2015 .