My Safety Tech Inc

My Safety Tech is a company dedicated to to providing safety technologies to every person in every community worldwide.  Our solutions  serve as a deterrent to crime, as well as, a means to provide immediate help in any emergency situation; they are designed to produce immediate help from multiple points of contact, thereby alleviating and minimizing danger. When people are in distress, rapid response times for getting needed help, maximizes the possibility of a positive outcome. We have developed solutions in order that children may not be bullied and assaulted, young adults may not be threatened and assaulted, adults and elderly may not be harassed and abused, and criminals who precipitate heinous acts would be brought to justice. Additionally, our Digital Health solution is designed to significantly reduce medical emergency response times. The bottom line is, we provide immediate and comprehensive safety and health Smartphone Apps designed to help saves lives worldwide!

"I am honored to work with the esteemed professionals at Tech futures Group.  I view their knowledge and insight as invaluable to growing and dramatically expanding  my business horizons.  With their help, I anticipate increased growth and "scale" as I strategically expand my business." Kevin McGary, CEO.

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Posted on December 14, 2015 .