X-Therma Inc.

X-Therma is developing a radical new highway of proprietary, non-toxic, hyper-effective nanomaterial to fight unwanted ice formation via nature-inspired biomimetic nanoscience, which can be applied to 4+ major global markets (> $200 Billion) including regenerative medicine preservation ($65 B, CAGR 28.9%), advanced formulation cosmetics ($36.1 B, CAGR 5.1%), enhanced quality frozen food ($50 B, CAGR 3.9%), and industrial deicing ($200 Billion, CAGR 9.6%)  applications.

X-Therma is a selected industrial User of the Molecular Foundry, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, aiming to bring solutions to the world. The US government is moving towards to a new Apollo project “Organs on Demand”. X-Therma is honored to become one of the first participants of this progress to save millions of lives.

"We are honored to ally with Tech Futures Group. As an elite entrepreneur resource program, TFG will provide X-Therma with top-of-class advisory on various aspects of business, which are essential to our growth and development.”- Xiaoxi Wei, Ph.D. CEO of X-Therma Inc

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X-therma's EIR: Mark Klopp

Posted on December 1, 2015 .