Opus 12

What if the emissions of the world’s largest industries never reached the air?  Opus 12 provides an economic incentive for oil refineries, corn ethanol plans and natural gas oil fields to convert their CO2 into higher value products.  At OPUS 12, we are developing technology that transforms CO2 emissions into 16 of the world’s highest-volume liquid fuels and chemicals, a $400 billion opportunity. Founded in 2015 at Stanford University, we are creating a profitable solution to climate change.

Opus 12 combines cutting-edge scientific expertise in the field of CO2 electroreduction, commercial experience in scaling electrochemical technologies, previous successful startup experience, and an understanding of the global energy system. Our scientific advisors are world leaders in their fields.

"Opus 12 is thrilled to be apart of TFG.  We have actively been seeking SBIR grants to support our startup.  TFG has advisers that would be helpful in supporting our efforts.  We are looking forward to traversing this journey together. " Etosha Cave, Chief Scientific Officer.

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Opus 12's EIR: Ashwin Gulati

Posted on October 26, 2015 .