OnSky is an US startup that develops, manufactures and sells the innovative Intelligent Security solution that includes the comprehensive Smart Home & Smart Office products with integration of Professional Security & Safety functions and subscription-based protection services for homes, offices and commercial & industrial buildings. OnSky redefines the smart home and security with its proprietary and innovative technologies including the Hybrid-Mesh™, an IOT connectivity technology that can cover an entire building without drilling walls or running wires, and the OnSky AI cloud that uses AI-Robot (Artificial Intelligence Robot) to analyze data, make decision and quickly call homeowner and family members (within 1 minute) at any security/safety-breach incidents (intruder, smoke, fire, and gas).

OnSky has been in operation since 2016 with offices and showrooms in Silicon Valley, USA and Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam.


Learn more about OnSky:

Homepage: www.onskyinc.com

OnSky’s EIR: Jeff Smith

Posted on June 14, 2019 .


More and more consumers are realizing that switching to clean energy options can reduce their energy costs while simultaneously cutting their carbon emissions. Many find, however, that it’s difficult to get unbiased and personalized information that allows them to easily understand their best technology choices.

YellowTin helps to solve this problem by educating and empowering consumers, so they can make informed decisions about switching to cost-effective electricity-based solutions at their own pace. YellowTin online provides integrated and personalized recommendations that can provide dollar and carbon savings. Their core focus is on solar, electric vehicles, battery storage, energy-efficient heat pump water heaters & space conditioners, and induction cooktops.

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Homepage: https://www.yellowtin.com/

YellowTin’s EIR: Jeff Smith

Posted on June 11, 2019 .

Vivolor™ Therapeutics Inc.

Vivolor™ Therapeutics Inc. created the revolutionary nutraceutical, Glory Day™ Brain Booster - an all-natural product designed to address the underlying cause of brain decline and stop memory loss and dementia before they start. It provides powerful support with 5-20 times the supplementation of other brain boosters. Its proprietary formula, patented technology, and clinically-proven ingredients provide the help consumers and patients need. All ingredients are designated Generally Regarded As Safe (GRAS) by the FDA.

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Learn more about Vivolor™ Therapeutics Inc.:

Homepage: https://vivolor.com

Vivolor™ Therapeutics Inc’s EIR: Mark Klopp

Posted on June 7, 2019 .

Rubicon Financial Technologies Inc

Rubicon Financial Technologies Inc. is an information technology corporation that is on a mission to create and support the most widely used infrastructures in financial technology. They are incubating multiple decentralized solutions that cover the full gamut of blockchain related endeavors. Application of Back-end as a Service, Data as a Service, and Software as a Service are a few examples of these. Once the foundational infrastructures are set, the public data within each structure is captured, combined, normalized, and then piped for analysis, alerting, AI feeds and forensics.

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Learn more about Rubicon:

Rubicon's BaaS infrastructure example: https://node.help

Rubicon Financial Technologies Inc’s EIR: Allan Young

Posted on June 5, 2019 .


Epixego is building the education-tech platform that empowers young minds to find their purposeful education and career paths. They can't think of a better problem to work on, than one that affects our children and their future. Data tells us: 65% of the children entering primary school today will ultimately end up working in completely new job types that don’t yet exist; over 80% of the students switch their college majors before graduating and, over 70% of the millennials expect to change careers not jobs. Today, they can predict the type of toothpaste that would be a good match/fit, but can't help our students discover and find education/career paths that may be a good fit for them. Epixego thinks this problem is not just hard and complex, but a critical one: the problem Epixego’s platform will solve.

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Learn more about Epixego:

Homepage: http://www.epixego.com

Epixego’s EIR: Louise Kirkbride

Posted on June 3, 2019 .


Plantt is a marketplace for local garden centers. Like OpenTable, Mindbody and other SMB marketplace/solution providers, Plantt provides both a turnkey, garden-center-branded e-commerce solution to drive supply and a national branded website to drive demand and push traffic to the local garden centers' storefronts. The turnkey e-commerce solution includes integration to the garden center's POS/inventory management application, extensive plant data and photos, a robust shopping experience, and integration with a crowdsourced delivery service.


Learn more about Plantt:

Homepage: https://www.plantt.com/

Plantt’s EIR: Reena Jadhav

Posted on May 30, 2019 .


Amber delivers a smart digital wallet on a mobile phone that selects the best credit card for a customer to use at each point-of-sale transaction. Every time a customer gets ready to pay, Amber understands the card features in consumers’ wallet, and select the best card to maximize rewards and minimize bank fees. Over time, it learns from a customer’s spending habits, payment behavior, and credit profile, then recommends the best new cards for that customer to acquire to save hundreds of dollars a year -- effortlessly -- with no painful and laborious credit card research required. Amber’s core technology can be delivered in multiple forms in addition to a mobile phone, such as a wallet-sized device or wearable, increasing flexibility and maximizing consumer adoption.


Learn more about Amber:

Homepage: www.amberinventions.com,

Amber’s EIR: Reena Jadhav

Posted on May 24, 2019 .


Shift.aero is building a heavy-lifting unmanned autonomous aerial vehicle for crop spraying. Their autonomous aerial platform can carry 1000 lbs., or 100 gallons, can fly for hours, works as a single sprayer or in a swarm for high precision spraying, and seamlessly integrates with field management systems to reduce workload, increase automation, and support precision agriculture procedures.

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Learn more about Shift.aero:

Homepage: https://www.shift.aero/

Shift.aero’s EIR: Louise Kirkbride

Posted on May 20, 2019 .


AnyLog is a decentralized and secured data network, that any company can use, for storage and processing of IoT data. Using the AnyLog Network, data owners can extract immediate value from their data - in real time, in an automated way, and at a fraction of their current costs.

Today, IoT data is managed through multiple tiers (Edge, Fog and Cloud), using multiple software stacks and by leveraging proprietary software and data projects. AnyLog offers a single tier, a single software stack and real-time and automated processes that makes data generated by connected devices immediately available to users and applications.

Rather than creating projects that manage IoT data in silos, new IoT devices connect to the AnyLog Network in seconds and make their data available, through a unified (SQL) interface, in real time, in a secured and effortless way.


Learn more about AnyLog:

Homepage: https://anylog.co/

Clip on the concepts: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i_Spfw5K7RA

AnyLog’s EIR: Allan Young

Posted on May 17, 2019 .


Decomer Technology is developing a plant-based water-soluble and edible packaging material as well as products thereof. The material is plant-based, tasteless, transparent and hypoallergenic and can be used in food-, pharmaceutical-, agriculture- and other industries. Decomer combines convenience and sustainability.


Learn more about Decomer:

Homepage: http://decomertechnology.com/

Demomer’s EIR: Mark Klopp

Posted on May 13, 2019 .


Banks, Credit Union and Finance Companies (Lenders) only Fund 50% of their in-house originated auto loans. In an $800B annual auto finance marketplace, $150B of Lender originated auto loans get flipped by automobile dealerships to be distributed to other Lenders.

Through LOANIFYs' Cloud Data System and Duplex Mobile apps, Lender approved borrowers are digitally packaged as Qualified Referrals through the FastPass app and delivered to Dealers using the latest in location tech to push lot entry event notifications with no fee to Dealers. The exchange, each Lender receives credit for providing a qualified buyer referral, and retains auto loan financing. Through this process, LOANIFY increased its' first Lender Clients closed "auto loan ratio" from 46% funded in 2016 to 74% through 2017/2018. Dealers are notified through their proximity sensing LOANIFY DealerHost app and or SMS when a shopper (name and vehicle of interest) arrives on their lot. Happy shoppers bypass the standard sales process, saving money and time having their financing in their phone. CEO, Kirk Klinkhammer notes that "typical shoppers purchase a car in less than 3 hours using LOANIFY FastPass.

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Learn more about Loanify;

Homepage: https://loanify.net/

Loanify’s EIR: Jeff Smith

Posted on May 8, 2019 .

Aligned Carbon

Aligned Carbon provides the highest quality carbon nanotubes, aligned in arrays on semiconductor substrates. Aligned Carbon was formed to bring carbon nanotubes out the academic setting into integrated circuit manufacturing by providing precision oriented CNTs compatible with all elements of integrated circuit manufacturing at the foundries worldwide. These materials can enable 1000x improvement in computing efficiency, next generation RF circuits, thin film transistors, and a host of sensor applications.


Learn more about Aligned Carbon:

Homepage: https://www.alignedcarbon.com/

Aligned Carbon’s EIR: Louise Kirkbride

Posted on May 6, 2019 .


Ecogistix was built with one thing in mind; to equalize the playing field by providing solutions for farmers so they are able to sell directly to many buyers and buyers to buy directly from many of their local farmers.

With the focus on adding value to the farm's operation and building a great team of innovative and dedicated individuals, we bring solutions that include Supply Chain systems and food trace ability. Eco in Ecogistix not only stands for the sustainable world of the agro supply chain, but also for bringing ecosystem balance between farmers and end consumers.

The Ecogistix team has vast experience in Supply Chain from a broad range of companies. Their goal is for farmers to leverage their expertise and experience to help their business grow and achieve digital transformation.

Learn more about Ecogistix:

Homepage: https://www.ecogistix.com/

Ecogistix’s EIR: Jeff Smith

Posted on May 1, 2019 .


serviceMob is a startup based in Southern California with a mission to fix the many inefficiencies in how consumers access and interact with companies when they need customer service.

serviceMob’s technology employs a customer centric approach to making sure the experience of finding and accessing customer service is as smart, effortless, and painless as possible.

serviceMob’s visual solution re-imagines the customer service experience. Our platform replaces the status quo of cumbersome phone menus, hard-to-find information, and long wait times that leave customers frustrated, disengaged, and ready to spend their money elsewhere.

The technology employs design thinking, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to seamlessly direct the customer to the right solution. Through integration, our platform improves the experience by improving NPS and call demand while reducing staffing needs for the operation.

serviceMob logo.png

Learn more about serviceMob:

Homepage: http://servicemob.com/

ServiceMob’s EIR; Jeff Smith

Posted on April 29, 2019 .


PayAlt is reimagining how cryptocurrency is used in online consumer transactions. Instead of relying on individual merchants to set up crypto point-of-sale systems, PayAlt's browser installs a crypto payment button on every website's checkout page. Users make purchases at their favorite online stores using their current wallet and popular cryptocurrencies.


Learn more about PayAlt:

Homepage: www.payalt.com

PayAlt’s EIR: Allan Young

Posted on April 24, 2019 .

Blue Dome Technologies

Blue Dome Technologies is in the area of autonomous visual inspection for the global construction and infrastructure industry. They are focused on automating visual inspection using artificial intelligence for detection, inspection, inventory, asset tracking and measurements of items of interest. It reduces reliance on manual inspection and provides safe, objective, consistent, reliable and accurate results.

Cameras, Drones, and Mobile Devices deliver images and videos to the Blue Dome cloud platform. Powered by machine learning and image processing, the object of interest is automatically identified, inspected, and measured.:

Learn more about Blue Dome Technologies:

Homepage: www.bluedometech.com

Blue Dome Technologies EIR: Hon Wong

Posted on April 22, 2019 .


ZongaMu, equipped with patents and an integrated array of technology tools and developments, the company is developing an underwater robots with Artificial Intelligence, and a number of innovations to remove sediments from dams, harbors and rivers, bringing significant cost efficiency to the operation while doing so in a manner to minimize erosion to the environment and preclude adding pollutants to the air and water thus delivering a sediment removal system that shields our ecosystem while virtually eliminating labor costs for its maintenance.


Learn more about ZongaMu:

Homepage: http://zongamu.com/

ZongaMu’s EIR: Louise Kirkbride

Posted on April 19, 2019 .

Pair Anything

PairAnythingTM is fast-tracking the digital transformation of the wine industry with personalization and decisioning logic technology. For wine enthusiasts who enjoy wine with food and want to learn more about wine pairings, PairAnythingTM is the mobile solution that curates your wine journey. Unlike existing wine apps like Vivino, PairAnythingTM can recommend wines for any dish and it tailors recommendations according to your unique preferences. Essentially, PairAnythingTM personalizes the wine experience outside the tasting room.


Learn more about PairAnything:

Homepage: https://www.pairanything.com/

PairAnything’s EIR: Reena Jadhav

Posted on April 17, 2019 .

Insights Vision

Insights Vision deliver real-time, non-invasive food analysis through a combination of light spectroscopy and chemometrics optimizing food safety and quality control. The goal of their design is to integrate InSight’s unique software algorithms with portable optical sensors to bring a powerful lab analysis capability right to the hands of their customers.

At scale, even small farmers will be able to test the integrity and quality of their produce in real-time to meet supply chain standards and market demand. In’Sight technology helps enable greater traceability, transparency, and profitability, while reducing food waste and food borne illnesses improving health and sustainability across the spectrum of food production and distribution.


Learn more about Insights Vision:

Homepage: http://insights.vision/

Insight Labs’s EIR: Louise Kirkbride

Posted on April 14, 2019 .

Oasis Medical Solutions

Oasis Medical Solutions (OMS) is a one stop Medical Device Development House that has been working in the industry for over 30 years. OMS contracts with both large and small companies across the U.S. to design and develop various medical devices. Currently there is a new wind blowing at OMS. OMS have put their expertise to work on their own projects and will design and manufacture the OMS line of medical devices. There are several devices in different phases of development and they are all wearables designed for monitoring, tracking, and treating various conditions, while also maintaining mobility. These medical devices will be available for consumer use, as well as, in expanded form, for use by medical professionals in coordinating care with their patients.

Their first products will focus on pain management. Did you know pain is cited as the most common reason Americans access the health care system? It is a leading cause of disability and it is a major contributor to rising healthcare costs and medication overuse. According to the most recent data available from the CDC, the National Center for Health Statistics (2006), states that approximately 76.2 million, or one in every four Americans, have suffered from pain that lasts longer than 24 hours and millions more suffer from acute pain. It is the mission of OMS to help people reduce and manage pain while remaining active and in control of their lives. Their new products are the tools people need to successfully treat pain without having to resort to dangerous medications.

Learn more about Oasis Medical Solutions:

Homepage: http://www.omsweb.com/

OMS’s EIR: Jeff Smith

Posted on April 9, 2019 .