Carta Healthcare

Carta empowers healthcare providers to make data-driven improvements to clinical and operational effectiveness. Their Cartographer Data Analytics Platform uses existing electronic medical records data to map the resources used by each patient during their journey through the healthcare system. These maps are then analyzed to identify opportunities for improvement and to help plan the efficient and effective delivery of care for future patients.


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Carta Healthcare's EIR: Terri Mead

Posted on March 19, 2018 .

Lisa Health

Lisa Health is a digital behavioral change program for midlife women. Lisa fuses technology and behavioral science to help women to take control, and improve their health and quality of life. The healthcare ecosystem benefits from reducing serious and costly health issues associated with midlife and menopause, and advancing women’s health and research. 

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Lisa Health's EIR: Terri Mead

Posted on March 16, 2018 .


StormSensor is the first—at a mere fraction of the cost—to apply distributed monitoring networks to comprehensively evaluate the vast scale of wastewater & stormwater infrastructure underlying our country. StormSensor’s Terrapin™ network generates a holistic assessment of water moving through entire urban watersheds; Terrapin™ is a low-cost mesh network of sensors that capture comprehensive, continuous temperature and flow data across large systems. Sensors (Scutes™) can be deployed in minutes, and data is uploaded to their software in real-time for immediate access. Their proprietary anomaly detection algorithms predict pollutant source areas and identify high-risk locations re: high-temperature runoff (heat islands and illicit discharges), flooding, sea level rise/tidal intrusion, combined sewer overflows, and storm surges, thereby prioritizing billions in future expenditures.

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Storm Sensor's EIR: Louise Kirkbride 

Posted on March 12, 2018 .

ADS Solutions

For more than three decades, ADS Solutions has provided powerful, intuitive, and easy-to-use ERP software optimized for small and mid-sized wholesale distributors. ADS Solutions’ newest Cloud product, Accolent ERP, delivers fully integrated, end-to-end functionality including sales, invoicing, e-commerce, inventory control, warehouse management, fulfillment, purchasing, business intelligence, and full financial reporting to this strong business segment. 

IDC predicts the most growth in ERP software will come from SMBs in 2018-2022, and wholesale distribution is the largest of all ERP segments. Accolent ERP is a targeted solution, and the only true web-architected business software that was designed from the ground-up to serve the needs of wholesale distributors. Close competitors offer either a generic ERP solution or aging on-premise software. Accolent ERP is poised to dominate this market segment and expand into others.

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ADS Solutions's EIR: Hon Wong

Posted on March 8, 2018 .


Biggerpan is building the 1st predictive AI engine for mobile which recommends the most relevant actions, content, services and purchases in real time so you don't have to search. Pre-installed on your mobile device, the technology uses proprietary NLP (natural language processing) and machine learning to enhance your user experience by anticipating your needs in real time. Displayed on top of any mobile app or web page, the Magic Cards™ surface the most relevant actions and content for you to go next, based on your current context. For example, if your friend texts you about going to watch Star Wars, our AI will instantly offer you to watch the trailer, read reviews, check out movie hours or even take a Uber or Lyft to the closest movie theater.


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Biggerpan's EIR: Reena Jadhav

Posted on March 6, 2018 .

Selfie Mark

Selfie Mark's platform lets user’s poll side-by-side two images for instant feedback from friends, family or our In-house Stylists. SelfieMark will be the go-to-app for users who need honest and instant fashion or beauty advice.

SelfieMark_Brand Identity_DE013_FINAL_HR.png

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Selfie Mark's EIR: Reena Jadhav

Posted on February 20, 2018 .

New Enamel

NewEnamel is the world's first Teledentistry website based upon the clinically-tested, evidence-based CAMBRA protocol for tooth decay prevention. It provides consumers access to prescription-strength dental care products for use at home. CAMBRA stands for: Caries Management By Risk Assessment and is a 10-year-old preventive treatment system developed at the UCSF Dental School. Consumers go to, take a brief assessment where NewEnamel's proprietary, trademark-protected algorithm accurately determines one's risk for tooth decay: either Low, Moderate, High or Extreme Risk. Then e-prescribe the products, and send a customized kit with a six-month supply of products along with personalized instructions to the consumer's home. The fully contained Kits, even at the highest risk level (Extreme Risk at $169.95) is very reasonably priced, and costs less than having only one cavity filled. Virtually all of the prescription-strength products featured in the kits are manufactured by Colgate.


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New Enamel's EIR: Mark Klopp

Posted on February 15, 2018 .™ assists farmers manage soil and crop health using sensor apparatus data, machine learning, cognitive computing, & data analytics. Using the data from above ground, in-ground, weather, crop specifics, and farm yield statistics enables responsible and intelligent resource use decisions.™ will allow "just enough • just in time"™ irrigation and fertilization, saving water and energy all while increasing crop yield and nutrition.


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Foris's EIR: Louise Kirkbride

Posted on February 14, 2018 .

Powr of You

Powr of You is a consumer data and analytics hub on a mission to help consumers own and use their data. It connects fragmented cross-platform consumer data (social, browsing, mobile, health, etc.) in one place to provide businesses a 360° view of consumers. 

Consumers earn rewards, $10 to $65 every time their data is used, as a share of Powr of You's revenues and also have access to insights about their own digital footprint. And brands and agencies can now make marketing and media planning decisions based on first-hand data.


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Powr of You's EIR: Reena Jadhav

Posted on January 30, 2018 .


LifeSaver is the top-rated app-based software solution for Distracted Driving, with a B2B subscription cloud service for fleet operators and auto insurers.  Fleet operators purchase LifeSaver to reduce collisions, lower insurance costs, and avoid major litigation awards.  Auto insurers help us distribute LifeSaver to their policyholders to improve their loss ratios and gain access to driving data, in order to improve underwriting.

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Posted on January 23, 2018 .

Sleepy Head

Sleepyhead™ is an online sleep startup that designed and engineered an exceptional memory foam mattress and topper at a student-friendly price.  Ships anywhere in the USA in 2-5 days.  They  also aim to give back to homeless students--one product donated for every ten sold.


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Sleepy Head's EIR: Jeff Smith

Posted on January 23, 2018 .

Sierra Turbines

Sierra Turbines is developing a compact, 10 kW generator for both Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and ground based power applications . The mechanical shaft power is delivered via  a compact 11 kW micro turbine that weights just 1 kg. Combined with a highly efficient generator,  the complete package weighs just  5 kg. Our turbine is configurable to provide flexible load output to meet a variety of applications, which include  mechanical,  standard electrical loads, or MIL Spec power.

Flexibility of fuel type is one of the major advantages micro turbines have over piston and rotary engines in this category, the others being reliability, power density and absence of vibration. The ‘DNA’ of Sierra Turbines' technology is rooted in some of the most innovative and demanding engineering projects that have transformed the world we live in. Our expertise, experience and network allows us to build the future

Sierra Turbines.png

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Sierra Turbine's EIR: Louise Kirkbride

Posted on January 16, 2018 .


HAVYN is an all-new standalone smart locker system that automates package delivery for property managers. Our systems are incredibly versatile, work indoors or outdoors, are powered by solar or AC, has it's own cellular internet connection, is simple enough to be installed by regular maintenance personnel and is an immediate upgrade for any property manager wishing to relieve themselves from the burden of package delivery while also offering a highly desirable amenity that attracts new tenants.

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HAVYN's EIR: Jeff Smith

Posted on January 9, 2018 .


ISOThrive LLC is a hot new microbiome company with a focus on nourishing specific bacteria in the gut which can resolve the root cause of a range of costly chronic health conditions.  The first blockbuster target opportunity is acid reflux.  Thier initial product has achieved unusually good success in symptom reduction and often complete resolution.  What makes ISOThrive unique is that people experience tangible results and when they stop taking ISOThrive, symptoms return.  ISOThrive LLC company is in an emerging category.  They have a therapeutic nutraceutical that is GRAS and in the market, and at the same time an opportunity that embodies the type of value creation one might find with a biotech pharma approach.  They have a strong IP strategy, an experienced team in place, a deep pipeline of opportunities, and are poised for rapid growth. 

Screen Shot 2017-12-06 at 11.53.57 AM.png

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ISOThrive's EIR: Jeff Smith

Posted on December 11, 2017 .


tuCloud is the developer of the Safeweb Engine, a browser isolation cybersecurity platform designed to physically isolate internet users from malware, ransomware and internet based cyberattack.  The Safeweb Engine has a unique containerization based and grid distributed architecture that is highly scalable and capable of physically isolating millions of simultaneous internet users from malware at browser level.  

tuCloud is a federal government contractor and proud CAGE code holder, they are the co-developers of the Safeweb cybersecurity model that they developed in collaboration with Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (, the model which underpins their platform.  Their remote browser service is a fully hosted browser isolation solution that allows organizations to physically isolate their users internet facing activity away from their local machines and networks.


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tuCloud's EIR: Hon WOng

Posted on December 6, 2017 .


Local businesses can be the binding force of our communities; they’re our gathering places, our stability, part of our identity. These businesses consistently fail to spend measurable marketing dollars that put and keep butts in seats.

Perks is a small business marketing and customer loyalty tool that incentivizes consumers to transact at local businesses and provides businesses with transparent marketing ROI that drives revenue. We do this via coupon-less transactions enabled by our bank-level integrations that allow merchants to offer smart discounts to community members. We engender customer loyalty over time through a programmatic approach to discounts based on customer behavior.

Additionally, Perks offers local businesses a dashboard that provides exact ROI for every marketing dollar spent on Perks, consumer insights, customer purchase history, and their share of wallet within the community.

Sandalone Logo.png

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Perks's EIR: Jeff Smith

Posted on December 4, 2017 .


Space3 is a marketplace that helps guests find, rent, and request any type of venue space. Additionally, we provide the necessary tools for hosts to manage their venues and future bookings. 


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Space3's EIR: Jeff Smith

Posted on November 29, 2017 .

Musician's BASS

Musician's BASS - Business Administration Software for Success - is an enterprise solution for independent artists, bands, and DJs that helps them market and monetize their music more effectively while saving time on administrative tasks.  Musician's BASS seeks to empower the DIY musician with digital tools that will enable them to succeed at developing sustainable careers within the ever-evolving music industry.

musicians Bass

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Musician's BASS's EIR: Reena Jadhav

Posted on November 27, 2017 .


LazRfit is an agility and accuracy competitive worldwide sport that leverages laser tag technology, the growing popularity of online video sports and a proprietary global competitive platform that allows any participant to be ranked globally, regionally and locally.

Despite laser tag's worldwide popularity, it is a pass time activity usually consumed by children and their families as a « one time thing ». LazRfit upgraded the activity by:
- producing a new gear: precise and high tech that tracks the players performance
- developing a platform that both manages the futures franchises and rank the athletes. 
Users can book, connect and follow up their sport performance. 
-  creating a new marketing based on fitness and sport. 

LazRfit is currently opened in Downtown los Angeles.


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LazRfit's EIR: Reena Jadhav

Posted on November 21, 2017 .


YiTuuX is a software company that develops artificial intelligence and machine learning based tools to assist physicians and other healthcare provider to better serve patients.
Their cloud-based, SaaS solutions are developed through the training of huge amount of medical images and related data, utilizing convoluted neural network technology to accurately assist physicians to diagnose diseases.  With their tool, physicians workflow pattern and productivity can be easily improved by more than 50%.  With improved physician productivity, improved patient experience, and an opportunity for early detection and early intervention, YiTuuX can also reduce the cost of care, significantly.

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YiTuuX's EIR: Louise Kirkbride

Posted on October 26, 2017 .